Applied Wavelet Technologies Inc.

From May 1999.

Applied Wavelet Technology, Inc. is a Toronto-based private company. It was incorporated in 1999 with the aim of materializing the scientific potential of Russian scientists in new commercial technologies. The core of the AWTI team is composed of a group of experts in physics and mathematics united around Prof. Igor Dremin of the Lebedev Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Our major achievements are based on the application of the mathematical method of wavelet analysis. Current projects cover such diverse fields as aviation (surge and stall prevention), medicine (blood cell analysis, ECG and EEG processing, etc.) and data compression. In 1999 we have got several patents in Russia, and submitted some applications in USA and Canada. AWTI interacts with the research teams of several major multinational companies and we are open to new joint projects and collaborations.
Main fields of research

  Aviation.    Image Compression.    Medicine.    Microscope focusing. 

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Our Post addresses: 11 Bucks Green Road. Thornhill, ON L3T 4G1, Canada
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